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How to Verify a Professional's License in Thornton?

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, through its Division of Professions and Occupations (DPO), licenses and regulates professionals in Thornton across 50 industries, professions, and occupational categories. However, specific professionals, such as construction contractors, are further required to obtain a city-issued professional license before operating within Thornton city limits. Essentially, it is recommended that you check the licensing status of any professional you intend to engage for your project in order to ensure that the professional can lawfully offer their services. You can confirm a state-issued professional license by utilizing the DPO license lookup portal or contacting the Division at (303) 894-7800. Similarly, you can confirm a city-issued professional license by contacting the city department overseeing the professional or occupational category. For example, you can confirm a city-issued contractor license by contacting the Building Inspection Division at (303) 538-7250. Residents can further contact the City Clerk's Office at (303) 538-7230 for inquiries on professional or occupational categories requiring a city-issued license.

In addition to licensing requirements, some professionals may need to observe other city requirements relevant to their profession. For example, construction contractors must apply for a building permit before commencing building-related projects in Thornton. The city's Building Inspection Division generally issues the building permits, and interested parties can contact this Division at (303) 538-7250 for inquiries on permit requirements.

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Do Thornton Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Neighborhoods in Thorton are grouped into four wards for ease of administration and governance. Residents of each ward elect two representatives into the Thornton City Council, which governs the city alongside the Mayor, who is elected at large. Residents can utilize the online city map to find what district their neighborhood is sorted under, who their district's representatives are, and how the city's boundaries are structured. Although the City Council oversees the city's local matters, it does not issue home improvement or construction permits. However, the City Council may execute plans and resolutions that relate to local construction. For example, the City Council approved the annexation and zoning of several acres of land in Northwest Thornton for various proposed real estate developments, including the construction of warehouses and residential housing. Also, in June 2021, the City Council, in exercising its statutory powers, approved a resolution to build a segment of the Thornton Water Project across Weld County. When completed, this project is expected to improve the city's water supply. While this project has received some backlash from Weld County residents, plans for its continuance remain in motion.

How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Thornton?

The agency in charge of addressing unfair business complaints in Thornton City is the Consumer Protection Division (CPD) of the Colorado Attorney General (AG) Office. Residents can file unfair business complaints with this Division by filling the online form applicable to their complaint category. When filling the form, residents are also advised to attach documents that can help strengthen their complaints. Such documents include receipts of payments, pictures of the project, and signed agreements. If your complaint includes allegations of illegal conduct by the professional or business in question, you can contact the Thornton Police Department at (720) 977-5150 and confirm whether you can submit a crime report.

Unfair business complaints filed with the CPD are thoroughly reviewed and investigated. Depending on the nature of the matter, the CPD may also begin legal proceedings against the business or professional. However, note that any action performed by the CPD is in the public's interest. The CPD does not have the responsibility of representing your personal interest or helping you secure personal redress. To secure your redress, you can sue the professional or business in your complaint. For claims not exceeding $7,500, you can sue at the Small Claims Division of either the 17th Judicial District Court or the 19th Judicial District Court of Colorado, depending on whether the business or professional operates or resides in Adams County or Weld County respectively. It is advised that you consult a qualified attorney for legal advice on how to best secure your redress or how to go about filing a claim.