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How to Verify a Professional's License in Colorado Springs?

Choosing to employ licensed professionals is a very important step towards achieving a satisfactory project. Professionals in Colorado Springs are typically licensed by either state or city authorities. State-level professional licensing in Colorado Springs is handled by one of the 38 boards and programs under the Department of Regulatory Agencies' Division of Professions and Occupations. If you want to verify the license of professionals licensed under the State of Colorado, you may utilize the License Lookup tool provided by the Division of Professions and Occupations. In Colorado Springs, building professionals that wish to carry out projects are required to obtain a locally-issued license from the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. To verify that a building professional you want to employ is duly licensed to work in Colorado Springs, you can utilize the online search tool provided by this Building Department. You may also contact the department at (719) 327-2887 to find out about licensing requirements and to verify the building professional's license. Note that concrete contractors are required to get a separate concrete contractor's license from the City Clerk of Colorado Springs. You can obtain this license by accessing the City Clerk's online portal or by calling the City Clerk at (719) 385-5901.

If the project you intend to execute is a building project, you may also be required to obtain permits. Pikes Peak Building Department is also the agency in charge of issuing relevant permits. To find out about what permits you might need, the requirements and the fees to be paid you may call (719) 327-2883.

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Do Colorado Springs Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Colorado Springs has 6 districts that serve as home to its diverse growing population. The Colorado Springs city council is the body that oversees the affairs of the city, passing laws and regulations, overseeing the budget, and other related functions. There are nine people that make up the city council, and six are elected from each of the six different districts within the city while three are elected at large. To find out what district you belong to or details on your district representative on the council, you may access the city's maps.

The city council does not issue building-related permits or licenses. However, its functions include determining land use and zoning as well as helping the city chart a pathway for infrastructural growth. Colorado Springs is experiencing a post-pandemic construction boom and this is evidenced by the influx of new housing and luxury projects within the city. One of these new projects is the 150-unit Vim Apartments project just off Vermijo and Wasatch. Off of Pikes Peak, 200 more housing units are also being built that will include a parking garage and retail space. The city also continues to attract top-level businesses, such as Amazon, which is building its fulfillment center near the Colorado Springs airport. Likewise, in Peak Innovation Park, Aerospace is also building a $100 million research and development complex that will house the Space Analysis and Collaboration Center.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Colorado Springs?

You can file an unfair business complaint in Colorado Springs through the Office of the Colorado Attorney General. Complaints may be made against unfair practices, fraud, debt, bad products, or services through the Office of the Attorney General by calling (720) 508-6000. Alternatively, you may file a complaint online.

The Colorado Attorney General's Office cannot institute actions on behalf of an individual complainant, but it may institute actions against a business or a professional in the interest of the public. When a complaint is made, the Attorney General's Office may choose to bring an enforcement action or call for a general investigation. If you are unsatisfied with the manner in which your complaint is handled or with the resolution reached, you may file a case at an El Paso County Court.